Mexico: Marriage


       all pictures: © dentaku
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Streets of Tepoztlan



Local market

Colonial architecture




Local handicraft







Street scene in Tepoztlan

Entrance to public toilets



Advertisement for ‘Corona’

The most famous beer



Evening out

Evening out (2)



Simon, Yoshiko – pre-Apero

In the church



Guest arriving

Waiting for the ceremony



Apero after the ceremony

Ladies all happy



Beautiful decoration on the tables

Guest from Switzerland



The photographer and his wife

The Band



Ladies from a bit everywhere

The couple



This is style!

The party took off



And lasted for long

Night in Tepotzlan



Party going on

Special dance for the gentlemen



Group picture ‘Gentlemen’




Mariana and her dad

This gives some power for more dancing



Marriachi are coming…

…at the end of the party



Next morning…

…relaxing on the terrace


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